About Us

Our goal at Salty Catch Seafood Company is to provide affordable and accessible fresh, local seafood to the people of North Carolina. We believe in superior quality and customer service and strive to support our local fishermen and seafood industry and the state of North Carolina. We believe that educating and bringing forth awareness concerning fresh seafood will have a long lasting impact on our health, community, economy and environment.

Fresh. Local. Seafood.

We not only want to offer fresh, local seafood to restaurants and consumers, we aim to change the consumer's knowledge about seafood. Most people are not aware of the health risks involved in consuming imported seafood. Consumers need to be educated and know exactly what they are eating. It is important to know the health risks that come with eating imported seafood and the benefits of eating fresh, local and organic. We want Salty Catch Seafood Company products to be readily available so that restaurants and consumers can choose the best option when it comes to seafood. Our fishermen are part of the farm-to-table movement as they farm the waters to provide fresh seafood for your table. 

At Salty Catch we have a strong belief in our community's history and culture. The North Carolina fishing industry has died down significantly over the past 30 years and we want to keep it alive as long as possible. Living in a coastal community, we still believe in the fishing industry and our goal is to promote it.

Carteret Catch

Salty Catch Seafood Company is proud to be a member of local catch group Carteret Catch. In partening and being a current board member we support the group mission in promothing the Carteret County fishing industry and heritage by educating and marketing.


Salty Catch Seafood is caught fresh from Carteret County fishermen, including Steven Goodwin, a native of Cedar Island, NC. Steven grew up on the water in a family of fishermen where he learned to live off the water.


As natives of Carteret County, we understand the importance of the seafood industry to our county and the state of North Carolina. We are working to not only provide fresh, local seafood to our consumers, but to keep the seafood industry alive in coastal Carolina.
Renee Perry - Owner | Operator

Renee Perry

Owner | Operator

Steven Goodwin - Operator | Fisherman

Steven Goodwin

Operator | Fisherman