Why choose fresh seafood?

Fresh or frozen? Domestic or imported? What's the difference? At Salty Catch Seafood Company we strive to provide the freshest North Carolina seafood possible to restaurants and consumers. You may think that all seafood is equal, but that is not the case. We have dug deep to get the scoop on imported seafood. Make sure you always choose fresh, choose local and choose Salty Catch. You have the right to know where your seafood comes from and when it was caught.


First off, it's important to know when you're buying fresh seafood if it's really fresh. Here are some tips on to inspect your fresh seafood: 

More importantly is choosing domestic, local seafood as opposed to imported. Did you know that 80% to 90% of seafood consumed in the United States is imported? And about half of that is reported to be farm-raised. When you eat imported seafood you are consuming something that is only held up to the safety standards and practices of that country. As the seafood is handled at the processing facility, then shipped, then handled at stores, markets and restaurants, there is much opportunity for contamination. A study reveal that over 25% of seafood imported from Asia had detectable levels of formaldehyde. Antibiotics have also been found in farm-raised fish from China.

Fish fraud or species substitution occurs when imported seafood is mislabeled and sold under another name. It is reported that about 30% of seafood sold by retailers and restaurants in the United States is mislabeled. This creates a serious safety issue that can cause life-threatening illness. 

Do you know what you're eating? With Salty Catch Seafood Company you can trust that your seafood is coming straight out of the ocean and to your kitchen. Don't risk eating imported seafood. To learn more about fresh seafood and what is in season, give us a call!  

Learn more about sustainable seafood choices at Fishwatch.